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What about images Thursday 2005-12-08

Now, as I have installed the 2.0 RC-1, I’ll have to test this new feature for inserting images into the posts. In the Post Writing GUI it should be possible to insert an image easily.

Let’s see!

Well I’ll have to upload an images first. The upload didn’t work at first, the complaints being: Unable to create directory /home/petitpub/public_html/petitpub.com/blog/wp-content/uploads.

As I suspect that a new directory created by “the server” will have the owner of “nobody” I’ll start by creating it myself from my FTP client and test again. ( I woudn’t be able to delete nobody’s dir )

Well now it’s complaining that i cannot create uploads/2005 – retour. and then again /12 for December. Pah!
Beautiful Dance

Well after hand crafting the directory structure I finally got the image uploaded, but “the uploaded file could not be moved to $file (!!)
And – I cannot find it anywhere. Hmmm… After consulting Datakultur ( my ISP ) for the correct setting of access flags for the web server to write to the directory, the image was uploaded and I was able to drag it to the post.

( See also comments )


Bertil writes on
Thursday 2005-12-08

Well, finally I was there.

After solving the upload issues, I really could drag the image into the post. It was however very difficult to place the image where I wanted it. First it is hard to place it before a special text position, as here on the left edge.
The workable way is to make an empty line and place the image there. It is then possible to move the image within the post, but the same rule apply – make an empty line for it. To have the the text wrap around the image, you would like to edit the HTML to set the left alignment and add some space to the image.

The html editing view came up empty, so that wasn’t possible. The alignment and margin should be done by CSS of course, but inline styles would be acceptable. The post writing views still have some tuning road to go.

Welcome/Välkommen Bertil