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Silver First on Flickr Tuesday 2006-02-07

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Silver 2

Silver 2,

originally uploaded by Clas le Petit.

Finally I got the time and mindset to really upload some photos to my Flickr account. I’m visiting my daughter in Rinkeby, Stockholm for a couple of days to celebrate the 36 year anniversary of my sons birth.
This morning Silver, the most intelligent and of course rebellious cat in the family, came to my room and posed in the window right beside me. I had my Canon easily available and took a few shots.
Now in the evening, when reading about different web 2.0 technology, I stumbled into my Flickr account and decided to make something more exciting than a void out of it. I realized that once you register you own blog with Flickr, you are able to post any public picture from Flickr to your blog.

So here we go – enjoy!


Bertil writes on
Tuesday 2006-02-07

Strange indeed!
The style rules are spelled out in this my first post from Flickr, but they are certainly not followed. Read and behold.

Welcome/Välkommen Bertil