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You’ll Love the Banana Phone Monday 2006-02-13

I think you’ll agree that when happiness comes to you, it’s always by chance? You really cannot hunt it down or plan for it. Well, you do, of course, but real joy strikes like a blitz from clear skies, no?
Well this time I wasn’t hunting for happiness, but for clever ways to use my Flickr account.
I found the “Random Photo Browser” at the flagrantdisregard blog, and in minimal font at the very top of the page, I noticed a link that says “The bananaphone will make you smile“.

Happiness stroke!


991 writes on
Wednesday 2007-11-14

BAH_HA! Yah.. ‘Sure’ it’s a funny blond joke..

But what if you happen to be a brunette ‘Tweaker / programmer’…!?

That sidetrack lost me ten minutes of valuable drug use and oop, gawd damnit!

Welcome/Välkommen 991