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WordPress New Upload Monday 2006-02-20

Under WordPress 2.0 there was a problem with uploading images from the Write Post page. The upload script would create a new folder for every month and put the uploaded image there. As the script runs under the web server’s user or possibly the user of the script engine, the directories are owned by that user. The account owner has no permissions on these directories or images, and cannot even open the directories, to change or delete the images.
In WP 2.01 this seems to be more relaxed and you have a choice of upload directory. The uploaded files will still be owned by the user under which the script makes system calls, but you will be able to open the directory owned by you and move images you no longer need to another directory and maybe even delete them.

BerraThis is a test to see what happens when uploading an image to a directory owned by me, the rightful owner of the account.
I will try to insert the uploaded image in this post, and then delete the thumbnail created by WordPress.

[Edit] dance.jpg
Not only is it possible to delete images from within the upload interface, but via FTP or Telnet you can move or delete images, provided you own the upload directory. Good solution indeed.


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