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Serverside Includes in a Post Saturday 2006-03-04

How strange as it may sound, someone wants a SSI inside a post.
Let’s see how it works 😉
Here it should be:

Its the common header from my web site.
It’s certainly on the same server.

[Edit] Well, it really didn’t work, and it shouldn’t!
The server will by default parse an .shtml document, looking up the SSI commands and insert content. before returning the document to the browser. The PHP pages constructs the web documents on the fly, and the server doesn’t see any .shtml file types.
Searching the web for a while, I found that most people was content with the PHP include, as a good enough replacement for SSI.
Moving the includes to the script is a good thing for most cases, but this means you have to make the decision at coding time. If you want to insert results from a CGI script in run time ( while posting ), you have make a PHP call from within your post, that is executed when someone loads the page containing the post. Kafkaesqui had an answer to that problem in the WP Support forum thread.


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