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WordPress is Secure Blogging Thursday 2007-02-22

There is high security awareness in the team developing WordPress. Today, the 30 days new 2.1 version is getting a maintenance upgrade to 2.1.1, mainly containing smaller bug fixes, but also some security measures. For the earlier 2.0 version, which had its latest maintenance as 2.0.7 at the same time, there’s now a 2.0.9 security upgrade.

It’s really nice to be in good hands,and whether you took the bold step from WP 2.0 to the famed 2.1 or stayed with the 2.0, you should take the new face lift.
Just make sure you select the correct upgrade.


Tom writes on
Saturday 2007-11-03

Finally we have WordPress 2.3.1, much more user friendly application the only problem I’ve noticed is CHMOD setting with build in theme editor.

PetitOn » WordPress Shot in the Foot writes on
Monday 2008-03-31

[…] I wrote, not long ago “WordPress is Secure Blogging“. However destructors traveling cyberspace are getting cleverer each day. If you cannot […]

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