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Playing with a kickfly Gallery Wednesday 2009-01-14

The kickfly application is a nice 3D platform for building galleries and rooms for image presentations. It can be published immediately on social sites like FaceBook and MySpace, to share your own images from Flickr, or others by Google image search or other sources. It is built on the very flexible Sandy 3D Engine, and can be used by beginners as well as seasoned programmers. I have just scratched the surface, so I might have more to say later on.
I went to the kickfly site and selected one of many ready made templates, added a title and searched for “madonna”. After a while I got my 3D gallery with Madonna images. Simple as that!
I then went on to publish my gallery on FaceBook, and it immediately showed up.
Amazing stuff!
From the options panel you can copy a link to the gallery, which is served from the kickfly site, or you can copy a complete embed tag for your own site.
Here is mine – note it’s still beta and may be heavy on your browser.