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Mosnaps Goodbye Thursday 2009-02-26

We put a lot of work into that mobile image site, but it really didn’t catch on. Harish tried a variant with paying visitors and simplified the maintenance by restricting the mobile phones to BlackBerry only. After some time the project silently died. The site may still be there though.
Lots of work and a bright idea, but poor marketing, I guess.
Well S.H. and you always learn something :)

Syntax Highlighter Plugin

This is an experimental post, to test if the syntax highlighter plugin wp-synhighlight really works.
In my first attempt I just dropped the plugin into the plugins directory and here I’m going to add some Actionscript code:
[codesyntax lang=”actionscript3″]public Class Nuts()
var none:NoOne;
// Initiate this class
public function Nuts()
none = new noOne();