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Sandy 3D Engine 3.1.1 Released Sunday 2009-03-29

Cup of Tea :)After some weeks of cleaning up and bug hammering, the 3.1.1 version of the Sandy 3D Engine was released today. If 3D worlds in Flash and Actionscript is your cup of tea, go grab the latest Sandy, with API documentation. If you are a beginner in the Flash 3D space, there are lots of tutorials to get you started.
Image borrowed from “The Heart of Innovation” – You are what you drink

Living Positively with Coke and Sandy Friday 2009-03-27

Yippee :)

Live Positively with Sandy

The multilingual Brazilian media firm Gringo developed the vivapositivamente site for Coke, and to the joy of the hard working developers of the Sandy3D team, they used Sandy to drive this fine and elaborate site.

The site was granted the FWA Site of the Day Award March 25 2009.

Go visit www.vivapositivamente.com.br/ and see what can be done with this eminent 3D engine.

AR is in the AIR Sunday 2009-03-22

This is a real beauty. AR is coming to the ART.
World Builder

Wow – FLAR is AR in Sandy Wednesday 2009-03-18

I’m excited! Augmented Reality (AR) has come to Sandy. AR is, as you may know, a technique to get an immersive experience. Computer animated things may seem to pop up in thin air before your eyes, almost like a hologram. The tools to accomplish this is a digital video camera and a programming toolkit called ARToolkit. The toolkit library was originally written in C, but has since been ported to Java and lately to Actionscript by Sakoosha. The Actionscript version is cleverly named FLARToolKit, and can be used to create computer vision for Flash.

Sandy FLAR

Sandy FLAR

This is how it works: You film some environment with your camera and the program analyzes the image, frame by frame, in search for a predetermined simple maker pattern, for example a black square. From the perspective distortion of that square, the camera position and attitude in 3D space is calculated.

The camera used for the 3D virtual scene is moved to same position, and the resulting projection is overlaid on the video. The thrilling result is that the animated 3D objects are seen as hovering over the marker in the real scene. I found some really good experiments with this technique on the web, and I immediately wrote Makc the great, hinting that we need this for the Sandy 3D library. And, hast du mir gesehen, within a day he created a working Sandy FLARCamera for use with the FLARToolkit.

Google Friends Buzz Saturday 2009-03-14

What buzzes on the web today, or should I say since a couple of days ago, is the brand new Google Friend Connect API.
In hard competition with Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking sites, Google has decided to make it easy for people to connect to friends over the web.
Google released the API in the expectation that developers will come up with fun and intelligent ways of connection people.
As sited from their presentation page, two primary goals are to

Make it easy for every site owner to add Friend Connect to their site, regardless of their technical capabilities. We do this by letting site owners simply paste snippets of code into their websites’ HTML to instantly provide social capabilities on their sites.

Be open by letting visitors control their own data and freely share it with sites and services as they see fit. Services that are currently integrated with Friend Connect include OpenID providers like Yahoo!, social network providers like Twitter, and update aggregators like Plaxo Pulse.

The API uses the OpenSocial standard and already clever programmers has made plugins for WordPress, Drupal, and phpBB.

Sandy 3D Engine Released Thursday 2009-03-05

Hi there! If you are an artist in Flash 3D, and if you dare programming a bit of Actionscript, this piece of news is for you. The versatile Sandy 3D Engine, Version 3.1 is now released. Since the emission of the last stable version of this 3D library, the 3.0.2 version, lots of work has been done to get the engine faster and simpler to use. Some good new features are added as well. The API hasn’t changed much, apart from the addition of new classes, so it should be easy to port your existing applications to use the new version. Sandy 3D Engine comes with full API documentation and lots of tutorials and examples.
You will find lots of demos and useful information on the Sandy site.

It also has a vivid and friendly forum, where you can ask all kinds of questions, related to the Sandy. Very often you’ll get the answer within a day, and you can discuss your application development and contribute your own experiences and solutions.

Go download this amazing library and start playing with 3D in Flash!