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Sandy 3D Engine Released Thursday 2009-03-05

Hi there! If you are an artist in Flash 3D, and if you dare programming a bit of Actionscript, this piece of news is for you. The versatile Sandy 3D Engine, Version 3.1 is now released. Since the emission of the last stable version of this 3D library, the 3.0.2 version, lots of work has been done to get the engine faster and simpler to use. Some good new features are added as well. The API hasn’t changed much, apart from the addition of new classes, so it should be easy to port your existing applications to use the new version. Sandy 3D Engine comes with full API documentation and lots of tutorials and examples.
You will find lots of demos and useful information on the Sandy site.

It also has a vivid and friendly forum, where you can ask all kinds of questions, related to the Sandy. Very often you’ll get the answer within a day, and you can discuss your application development and contribute your own experiences and solutions.

Go download this amazing library and start playing with 3D in Flash!


Dennis writes on
Thursday 2009-03-05

Hey Petit,
That’s good news! I hope I can find some time to play with it :-)
I’m shoving it under people’s noses as well:

Welcome/Välkommen Dennis