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Google Friends Buzz Saturday 2009-03-14

What buzzes on the web today, or should I say since a couple of days ago, is the brand new Google Friend Connect API.
In hard competition with Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking sites, Google has decided to make it easy for people to connect to friends over the web.
Google released the API in the expectation that developers will come up with fun and intelligent ways of connection people.
As sited from their presentation page, two primary goals are to

Make it easy for every site owner to add Friend Connect to their site, regardless of their technical capabilities. We do this by letting site owners simply paste snippets of code into their websites’ HTML to instantly provide social capabilities on their sites.

Be open by letting visitors control their own data and freely share it with sites and services as they see fit. Services that are currently integrated with Friend Connect include OpenID providers like Yahoo!, social network providers like Twitter, and update aggregators like Plaxo Pulse.

The API uses the OpenSocial standard and already clever programmers has made plugins for WordPress, Drupal, and phpBB.


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