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Wow – FLAR is AR in Sandy Wednesday 2009-03-18

I’m excited! Augmented Reality (AR) has come to Sandy. AR is, as you may know, a technique to get an immersive experience. Computer animated things may seem to pop up in thin air before your eyes, almost like a hologram. The tools to accomplish this is a digital video camera and a programming toolkit called ARToolkit. The toolkit library was originally written in C, but has since been ported to Java and lately to Actionscript by Sakoosha. The Actionscript version is cleverly named FLARToolKit, and can be used to create computer vision for Flash.

Sandy FLAR

Sandy FLAR

This is how it works: You film some environment with your camera and the program analyzes the image, frame by frame, in search for a predetermined simple maker pattern, for example a black square. From the perspective distortion of that square, the camera position and attitude in 3D space is calculated.

The camera used for the 3D virtual scene is moved to same position, and the resulting projection is overlaid on the video. The thrilling result is that the animated 3D objects are seen as hovering over the marker in the real scene. I found some really good experiments with this technique on the web, and I immediately wrote Makc the great, hinting that we need this for the Sandy 3D library. And, hast du mir gesehen, within a day he created a working Sandy FLARCamera for use with the FLARToolkit.


makc writes on
Saturday 2009-03-21

the coolest stuff so far is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW6_X9qBeds and the coolest part is – wait for it – there are sources, http://saqoosha.net/en/2009/01/08/1677/

this is, perhaps, the 1st time when I would appreciate GPL… except that I did not even bothered to download it.

Petit writes on
Saturday 2009-03-21

Thanks for the pointer.
I saw some but not all of this suff.
It’s supa cool!
And of course – why rtfm before you need it 😀

I guess some day, when combining code from different sites, we’ll have to read up on all the licenses.

Petit writes on
Saturday 2009-03-21

btw – sorry I didn’t present your gravatar earlier ( nor mine ). I discovered something stupid had happened to my gravatar cache.

makc writes on
Saturday 2009-03-21

whats gravatar?

Petit writes on
Sunday 2009-03-22


How did I get your profile image in the comment?

That should be the gravatar, a universal avatar for your communications around the wab. A WordPress plugin, which I have for that purpose, created by Skippy http://skippy.net/gravatars

However, maybe your image arrived on other mysterious ways :)

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