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Living Positively with Coke and Sandy Friday 2009-03-27

Yippee :)

Live Positively with Sandy

The multilingual Brazilian media firm Gringo developed the vivapositivamente site for Coke, and to the joy of the hard working developers of the Sandy3D team, they used Sandy to drive this fine and elaborate site.

The site was granted the FWA Site of the Day Award March 25 2009.

Go visit www.vivapositivamente.com.br/ and see what can be done with this eminent 3D engine.


Robert Kabwe writes on
Tuesday 2009-03-31

The Coke ‘cloud’ is a great idea – and the whole project runs fast on my old Pentium 4. It’s very inspiring.

Petit writes on
Thursday 2009-04-02

Oh yeah, I like it too. flash is a bit slow, but they really manage to use just what the need.
I guess there was some neat preformance tuning involved :)

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