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Stockholm City Hall in Sandy Wednesday 2009-04-01

The Golden Room
I have finally come to revisit the Golden Room of Stockholm city Hall in the new SkyBox of Sandy.
I made this as a demo of the SkyBox. Normally it is used for outside scenery as a backdrop for more interesting stuff in a game. Here the SkyBox texture in itself is the whole content. Some day I may place something inside the room – why not a Nobel Prize winner 😉 The Nobel Prize banquet takes place in the Blue Room in the same City Hall. Now click and enjoy the mosaic of 18 million glittering tiles of the room.

[Edit] There is a haXe version as well.


makc writes on
Wednesday 2009-04-01

the thing I hate about skybox is that it is not really a skybox, just 6 planes rotated inwards. you still have to make sure it is moved along with camera and rendered at correct depth. another thing is that you would mostly need top half of skybox, so you need to resize and re-UV-map 4 planes and remove bottom one by hand.

makc writes on
Wednesday 2009-04-01

oh yes, on the demo: I think dragging is a bit more natural, plus I demand mouse-wheel-based zoom in higher resolution images :)

Petit writes on
Thursday 2009-04-02

Thanks for your comments Makc!
I had dragging in an old version, but somehow lost the code. Then I was to lazy, or rather concentrated on making the texture fit. It seems SkyBox and/or the camera has changed since last time. FOV, distances are different, and the direction of the top has changed as well.

And of course I must honor the wheel :)

Maybe three planes in a transform group would do better?

Robert Kabwe writes on
Thursday 2009-04-02

Nice performance! and minimal distortion – its nice to look at the floor and not get a face full of affine warping:) I just wonder where you got these beautiful high res shots?

makc writes on
Thursday 2009-04-02

what you mean about three planes? something like pyramid?

Petit writes on
Thursday 2009-04-02

Sorry Makc, five planes of course- I was asleep after playing around the clock ;/

Yes, Sandy is getting better in that respect. I had lots of bent and curved stone on the floor last time :)

The images are courtesy of Vrway Communication http://www.arounder.com. I scanned the world for good VR for a few hours, and found a QTVR. Then I asked Vrway for permission to use the images.

Petit writes on
Friday 2009-04-03

@ Macs:
Now you got your wheel :) and a little better mousing – but I guess you wouldn’t settle for less than full drag and drop and complementary keyboard accessibility.

Welcome/VĂ€lkommen Petit