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Shutting Up the Meeting Bully Thursday 2009-04-23

Don't shout!A really funny iPhone application was added to the Apple App Store today. When you sit in a meeting and the ordinary dictator takes over the show, to let his well modulated voice be heard, and to tell everyone how well he knows the matter of today, and what decisions have to be made.

Then you discretely pick up your iPhone and press a button, that will shut him up, at least for this meeting.
This is what the designer of the application says on his site “The Meeting Nazi“:

Nearly everyone has experienced the frustration of a business meeting gone awry. Lost productivity cost corporations millions and impact personal growth and success.
For those frustrated masses concerned about productive meetings, we have the app for you. Harnessing the knowledge of 100’s of books and training seminars on running effective meetings, we have boiled it down to one simple approach inspired from the “Seinfeld” TV classic Soup Nazi.

As usual, you can download the app from the app store using iTunes.
Do that and have your laugh at the next meeting!


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