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Chimein Anonymous Twitter Friday 2009-05-15

This Indian American guy is really full of ideas. Now he has come up with something new, a site where you can chime in and say whatever is your hearts content. That is if you can express it within 140 characters. This unique place is called Chime-in.

If you know something new, if you are in a mood, if you urgently need throw out your frustration for the world to see. Well, then this is the place to go. It’s a free, no log in, no fuzz service. And you can trust their privacy policy, because you remain anonymous.

Liberté, égalité & fraternité – note least freedom of speech :)


makc writes on
Tuesday 2009-06-09

I thought I would see updates at http://twitter.com/chimein but no :( where does it go beyond this site?

Check this guy for example, stuff you type in his banner goes to http://twitter.com/fitc09

Petit writes on
Tuesday 2009-06-09

Well sire, I don’t really know. It’s meant to gather ‘chimes’ from Omaha 😮

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