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The Sandy 3D Site is Down Monday 2009-06-22

On 19 of June I discovered that the Sandy site and forum was down, and hoped for it to be resurrected in a few hours. Not so – its now June 22 and all we get is server errors. This may be just a little bit better than the “404 – Not Found” message, I got then. It seems that a lot of work by Thomas and all other contributors is lost. Weather this is the work of some cyberspace vandals or some fatal mistake from the web host, I don’t know. I really hope that they keep a recent backup. If not, they are idiots, even if the service is free.

If you offer a web document storage, free or not, you must realize that the domain owner is dependent on your ability to host the site.

The tutorials and the forum are goldmines, so hopefully this is not all lost in the big black hole.

[Edit] I’m more than happy to tell you, that there were indeed backups, and that the Sandy site is up for our enlightenment :-)


makc writes on
Monday 2009-06-22

codes for tutorials are (or should be) in svn, and also google cache (remember you saved some of old sandy forum? maybe try that again on tutos).

http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://flashsandy.org/tutorials/3.0 could have some starting point for tutorial links (it looks very dated, though)

makc writes on
Monday 2009-06-22

link got messed up, here it goes again.

makc writes on
Monday 2009-06-22

nah, forget it, it is better to start straight from google cache.

Petit writes on
Monday 2009-06-22

Done :)

Petit writes on
Saturday 2013-08-10

Thanks! I’ll have to look into that :)

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