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On a cleaning rampage Friday 2009-11-06

After installing WP 2.8.5, I can create a QuickPress post and this is the first. Now it seems that I got into a cleaning mode, which is fine, now that my computer nearly grinds to a halt. I have decided to backup and reinstall.

But you know how it is – I don’t have a terabyte disk for backup, so I’ll only backup the most important stuff. And I’m bound to forget something, oh well, nothing new there. Usually ( lucky me ) I succeed in formatting and installing on my primary partition, and find that all the others survived.

But oh my – all that good programs and tools I have to reinstall. Will I find them and will they work on Windows 7? Scary stuff! And will I find working drivers for all equipment, that hangs in the end of cables, bluetooths and IR connections?

Will I even get on the net again to search for what is missing, to chat with friends and make may status updates on facebook.
If not see you later!