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Sandy 3D a Fine Release Monday 2009-12-07

Hi all! I’m happy to say that we now have a bug fixed release of the very useful and well documented Sandy 3D Engine. Back in March came the long awaited upgrade to 3.1.1 and the goal was to release a bug fixed version fairly soon. However very few people had the time to work on it. After persistent work, mainly by Makc, we now have the a hopefully bug free version 3.1.2, so go get it!

Sadly enough this seems to be the final release, if nothing exceptional happens. This doesn’t mean that the engine cannot be used. On the contrary. It is working well and it is well documented and indeed it has a very friendly and helpful forum that works for newcomers and skilled developers alike.

Then there is the future bound haXe version, with which it is possible to compile for Flash as well as other targets, e.g. JavaScript for the browser canvas.


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