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Cleaning up the mess Thursday 2010-01-14

I have finally made backups on everything I think I’ll really use, killed lots of old install batches and moved lots of gia bytes worth of images and project files. This all as a preparation for installing windows 7. I got it from my employer in in an ISO image and burnd it twice on DVD:s to be safe.
None of them were bootable in the end, and I the reading was too slow och none. So I just mounted the ISO as a disk and copied it to a fresh directory. Then I took the dare devil approach and launched the setup from within Win XP. I know ther is no upgrade from XP to Win 7, so that was a scary step. From there I did a fresh installation selecting the XP boot partition. I knew that would kill it all :)

It all went very smooth and the Win 7 installation process took its proper time and restarted a few times during the process. It went out and fetched some update. After that I installed the AVG free virus protection.

I went on to install Firefox and the MozillaBackup utility, that I had used to backup the firefox and Thunderbird data with earlier. I run the utility to restore my bookmarks, plugins, settings and saved passwords. Somewhat to my surprice it was all there, so when I logged in to my blog to write these lines, Firefox rememberd my password even better then I did.

This is really how it should work.
Now I’m going to install Thunderbird and do the same on that. Hopefully I’ll bet my mail login and all thousands of mail in all my boxes back. Well if not, I have a separate backup on the mail boxes.

If I like Win 7? I don’t know yet, but I surely like the smooth and fully automatic installation process.


Petit writes on
Friday 2010-05-21

Really trying to comment on this post. Rumor has it commenting doesn’t work?

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