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Moving my stuff Monday 2010-10-25

I used to have my private blog mixed witn tech stuff here, as you may have seen. To make things a bit simpler, by not mixing Flah development and programming with weddings and dogs, I decided to move the family stuff to WordPress.com. I exported it all from this blog, using the built in export tool, saving the rsulting XML file on my hard drive. So I went to my new blog over at WP.com and using the impor tool I imported categories, posts and comments. I then had to get rid of all categories and post that shouldn’t be there. It all went smooth and the export-import part took a few minutes. A simpler way to do this, as you cannot choose to do this, would have been to select the categories I wanted to export and change the author name to something like “export”, and then using the export tool, select this dummy author to export. The tool allows you to select author but not category. Well finding and bulk deleting all posts on my new site, takes a while, but I haven’t been an extremely vivid blogger ( those of you who visited me now and then know that :). On the other hand it gives you an overview of what has occurred on the blog, and you may even be able to correct a few things.

I am warned that images and other media will not travel automagically to the importing blog, since the vehicle for transport is an XML file. How to move the media will be interesting to see. After deleting all the tech stuff on my new blog I have 209 posts in the trash bin and only 35 is left.
Now I have to do the same for this blog – well killing 35 post may not be such a great undertaking I guess.


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