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Akismet Jubilee Monday 2006-09-11

My Akismet has just cought it’s 500:th spam, and not one slipped through.
Time to celebrate.

In the Hot Air Friday 2006-02-10

Just a quick note here. I’m in the hot air now. Feeling like my newly born PetitOn has made an impact.
What’s that about, you may ask. Well, Aksimet has caught my first two spammy comments 😉
Should I cry or burst into a loud Hurray!!?

I’ts all about Vi-gra though, so I guess they don’t know me – giggle ( is that ;;)

Some nice guy Thursday 2006-02-02


Good WP Reading Tuesday 2006-01-31

The bugfixed WP 2.01 version is out. At the same time I found some articles worth reading: Here’s Google Toolbar API and WP Theme Revved up and last but not least Blogtimize AdSense

WordPress functions CrossRef Friday 2006-01-27

The world famous WordPress Functions Cross Reference is what every WP developer needs

Adding Adsense to WordPress Thursday 2006-01-26

Podz at Tamba2 has lots of good nuts and bolts about working with WordPress. among ather things he explains how to use Google Adsense to your blog.

Multi Columnar Design

Some sites on the matter of multicolumnar design:
As recommended by Kaf at WordPress support:
CSS layout techniques
A good float tutorial

Live Searchbox Tuesday 2006-01-24

Here is an Ajax live serachbox for WordPress…
And Behaviors

Another J2ME Emulator Sunday 2006-01-22

Talking to Bartek I realized there is another SourceForge project for emulating mobile Java platforms on and off the web.
The competitor to MicroEmulator is called ME4SE and is distributed under the GPL license scheme.

Performancing – will be killed?

http://performancing.com/ has closed for the day

[ Edit ] It came back up again :-)

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