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Regulating Ads in Social Media Saturday 2009-09-19

WPN, Web Pro News reveals that there are investigations under way on how and if the US government should regulate ads and other forms of promotion on social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

This of course raises some questions. An intervention by government on what can be said on the internet, is seen by many as an attack on freedom of speech. This is the traditional view on the web that spawned the EFF Blue Ribbon Campaign for freedom of speech in February 1996. At that time business hadn’t yet understood how to make money on the web, and the question was less complicated.

In this second millennium things are quite different, and with the broad electronic highways and new technique everything human is present on the web. We by things, listen to music and watch movies, and we live part of our lives in a virtual world, that reflects the “real world”. In fact the Internet is part of the real world. So I think it is inevitable, that the need for regulation of what you can do on the Internet will grow. Already you can commit many types of crime on the internet, which has to be sanctioned.

When it comes to ads or other forms of payed promotion, regulations are there for new papers and television, to make consumers aware of what they are reading. An argument against state supervision is that people will understand what is and what is not payed promotion. I don’t think that’s always the case, and why should it be any different than reading a news magazine or watching television. The tricks always always be the same.

I’m one of the early users of Internet, and my blog is carrying the blue ribbon, so I’m really sorry to admit, that as the web has matured, it’s become more and more like the rest of the human domain.

So lawmakers, come on, but be careful and let us be as free on the Internet as possible!

Chimein Anonymous Twitter Friday 2009-05-15

This Indian American guy is really full of ideas. Now he has come up with something new, a site where you can chime in and say whatever is your hearts content. That is if you can express it within 140 characters. This unique place is called Chime-in.

If you know something new, if you are in a mood, if you urgently need throw out your frustration for the world to see. Well, then this is the place to go. It’s a free, no log in, no fuzz service. And you can trust their privacy policy, because you remain anonymous.

Liberté, égalité & fraternité – note least freedom of speech :)

Google Friends Buzz Saturday 2009-03-14

What buzzes on the web today, or should I say since a couple of days ago, is the brand new Google Friend Connect API.
In hard competition with Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking sites, Google has decided to make it easy for people to connect to friends over the web.
Google released the API in the expectation that developers will come up with fun and intelligent ways of connection people.
As sited from their presentation page, two primary goals are to

Make it easy for every site owner to add Friend Connect to their site, regardless of their technical capabilities. We do this by letting site owners simply paste snippets of code into their websites’ HTML to instantly provide social capabilities on their sites.

Be open by letting visitors control their own data and freely share it with sites and services as they see fit. Services that are currently integrated with Friend Connect include OpenID providers like Yahoo!, social network providers like Twitter, and update aggregators like Plaxo Pulse.

The API uses the OpenSocial standard and already clever programmers has made plugins for WordPress, Drupal, and phpBB.

Syntax Highlighter Plugin Thursday 2009-02-26

This is an experimental post, to test if the syntax highlighter plugin wp-synhighlight really works.
In my first attempt I just dropped the plugin into the plugins directory and here I’m going to add some Actionscript code:
[codesyntax lang=”actionscript3″]public Class Nuts()
var none:NoOne;
// Initiate this class
public function Nuts()
none = new noOne();

The Virtual Sweden Saturday 2007-06-16

Hello my eventual readers. Thanks for reading me! I must say I have been a bit absent lately.
And it doesn’t add anything to my credibility, that I’m not sober at all at this time, when I feel obliged to bring to you my first real experience of the unreal world of Second Life. I know it is truly amazing, but this went far behind my imagination. Really amazing things do 😉

I heard on teve, that Sweden made some serious efforts to join the modern world of 3D cyberspace, by building a Sweden Second House, sort of a Swedish embassy in Second Life. The TV news said that the Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt was there to open it.
I thought: Wow! You are free to think that’s stupid, but that’s what I thought. Honestly :-)

Not only was the minister there to cut something, but there was a selected few to join in on the ceremony, just like art any other important opening. Amazing and maybe even good. I heard of this fact a little late, and had no opportunity to join in or disturb the ceremony. I do applaud the initiative though. It shows that our government takes the cyber matters seriously, which I regard as mandatory if we want to survive as a state of of honor and prosperity.

Being late, I decided to visit the “embassy” later the same day, and I was astonished by the the events going on, as well as by the architecture and the environment. I’ll show you images in just a while.

Let me give you a first impression!
The architecture is blondish northern and very light and open. It brings into mind the “Northern light” exhibition that toured the world a little more than a decade ago. Apart form the lack of furniture and ( really ) use of the beautiful rooms, I felt really at home. This will be something.

I also took some time strolling around outside the “Second House of Sweden”, and what I saw added to my admiration. It is a really good job they have done. The creators of this “Swedish Pavilion” if you will. The nature is the really blond and lovable nature of southern Sweden at its very best. I feel at home, and visitors from other countries will certainly get to know the woods and sees of Sweden. You have done a great job guys!

[ Images here soon ]

The Silence Monday 2007-04-30

One Day Blog Silence

Update 2009-11-09:
It seems, at least today, that the One Day Blog Silence site is down.
I want to direct you to some valuable reading by Lorelle.

Your Words Travel the World Thursday 2007-01-11

By automatic syndication and by your loyal subscribing readers, the words you write, will travel far and wide. And fast! They may meet and influence people of different age and sex and from different cultures. Manuel Amador of weblog tools collection has written an interesting essay, “The wonderful journey of a blog post“, on this very subject.

It is humbling, and it makes you think ( again ), on your own blogging efforts. Is what I write about interesting enough? Would anything of it offend someone? In short, do I care about my readers enough?

Well, I promise to try. For now, I’ll say no more. Read the article and get amazed!

Have You Upgraded to web 2.0? Tuesday 2006-09-05

I had a really good laugh, reading Lincoln Spector’s article in BYTE. At first I selfishly felt that I wanted to keep it to myself. But then Web 2.0 is all about social networking and syndication, and you are my readers, so I finally decided that I couldn’t withhold this important information.

Lincoln writes about web 2.0 and especially on the 0 in 2.0. Before I send you away, I cannot help but give you some citations, so you get a feeling for what it’s all about.
He writes about upgrading to version 2.0:

The questions are many. Is there a smooth upgrade, or do you have to uninstall Web 1.0 before installing the new version? What about backward compatibility? Should you wait for the bugs to be out in Web 2.1?

To give you some examples of the bright new world, he reviews some of the more significant new sites. On Oddcast, a site aimed at syndicating podcasts, he writes:

Oddcast is one of many sites that provides links to podcasts from all over the world, but this site distinguishes itself by sticking to one very important and unique criteria: It will not link to anything that might exhibit taste or talent. You need never worry about visiting Oddcast and hearing an intelligent argument with which you might disagree, as you will find no intelligent arguments.

Enough now! Go get the real stuff in “The 0 in 2.0” and prolong your mouth and your life :)

Promote Your WordPress Plugins

A new and promising site, for presenting and getting WordPress plugins, has just been launched. Sean Hickey, aka Headzoo, author of such efficient WordPress plugins as aLinks, Edit N Place and Create N Place, has just launched WP Plugins, a friendly place for plugin authors and bloggers to meet.

WordPress plugins abound. Due to the relative ease, with which you can create plugins for the popular blogging tool, and the flexible framework WordPress offers, a lot of functionality can be added through plugins.

There are plugins that make the administration easier, or present all kinds of statistical information. And there are plugins to include any imaginable Multimedia, and plugins to build social networks, to include other bloggers’ feeds or to earn a buck on ads.
You name it, and there is a plugin. And if there isn’t, you can write one, or just wait a while, and someone else will.

The mere amount of plugins spread out on their authors sites, makes it difficult to find that very gadget, that gives you the functionality you dream of. There are a few repositories for plugins, as Lorelle on WordPress mentions in her latest excellent article on plugins.

Sean’s idea seems to be, that they lack some functionality, be peer reviews, a voting system or the possibility to search by tag. Or maybe just too dull. I don’t know, but this new repository has all this features, a friendly look and easy navigation.

So if you are a plugins author, head over and present your plugin at WP Plugins. You’ll be on the front page immediately. It’s very simple, you just register for an account, log in and fill in a form with a description of your plugin, and a link to the install package on your site.
That’s all there is to it.

If you are a blogger in pursuit of the ultimate plugin for your needs, you may already find what you want. The site is new however, so it will take a while to get the great variety, we all want to find in the grocery 😉

Update Your WordPress Saturday 2006-07-29

WordPress version 2.04 is here in a stable release, and Matt is out on the WordPress blog to convince all WP blogger so update. Safe and sound as it is the new version contains important security updates, as well as some 50 bug fixes – who would believe that?

As you may have seen from recent Bug Hunts, there is also a major 2.1 upgrade under ways, but don’t hesitate to install the intermediate 2.04! The 2.1 version may linger in the clouds for yet some time.

The update is simple enough. Just download and copy the files of the new version over the old.

As usual don’t forget to make a backup of the old one first, and don’t overwrite the following files:
* wp-config.php file;
* wp-content folder; Special Exception: the wp-content/cache folder should be deleted.
* wp-images folder;
* wp-includes/languages/ folder–if you are using a language file do not delete that folder;
* .htaccess file–if you have added custom rules to your .htaccess, do not delete it;
* robots.txt file–if your blog lives in the root of your site and you have created such a file, do not delete it.

Here is the download and the detailed instructions for any upgrade in the all mighty Codex.

Go ahead and just do it!

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