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Been there, done that Thursday 2010-10-28

I see now, that I’ve done that move before, as in this post.
I was successful then, but didn’t finish the work. Now I have :)
I also upgraded WordPress. It took so long time, I interrupted the process. Then for a while it scared me by disappearing. I thought – oh well you know – sigh. But it returned fresh and still kicking.

Cleaning Up/rensar PetitOn Tuesday 2009-10-27

Dear readers, if any :)
I’m about to upgrade my WordPress publishing engine to the latest. Also I’m planning to clean it up a bit, and get rid of testing posts and other interesting stuff. I have come to the conclusion that I have too many categories, being over ambitious when I started. I really don’t publish that much. Then I’ll try to move personal stuff to some other blog.
If you don’t find anything here the next couple of days, I did something foolish 😀
See you!

Trogna lÀsare! Jag har för avsikt att uppgradera min WordPress och dessutom rensa ut gamla onödiga testartiklar och annan skrot av föga intresse. Dessutom försöker jag flytt mer personliga artiklar till nÄgon annan blog.
Om du inte hittar nĂ„gonting hĂ€r den nĂ€rmsta tiden, beror det pĂ„ att jag misslyckats 😀
Vi ses!
[Edit] Upgrade success!

Moving Posts to WordPress.com

This is absolutely wonderful. The easy with which you can move posts from one WP blog to another. I am thinking of moving my private blog posts to a wordpress.org hosted blog, and use PetitOn just for tech stuff.
But how do I move my family posts to the new blog? Do I have to tinker with the database, maybe doing a database dump using the phpAdmin interface and then importing it to the database at wordpress.com? And how do I move all images in my posts to the new blog and place them back in the posts?
It shows to be very simple. WordPress has an export facility to export the whole blog in an XML file, a kind of backup. The generated file can then be imported to the new blog. In this case I only want to move posts from my special family category, and when you export, you cannot select which category.
What you can select is which author’s posts you want to export, so here is the solution, step by step.
I’ll assume that you have already created a new blog at wordpress.com.
1. In your original WordPress admin interface create a new user, named for example “export”.
2. Go to Edit posts and filter the posts by the category you want to export, i.e. “Family”.
3. Select all posts, select “Edit” from Bulk Actions and change the author for all posts to the new user.
4. Now go to Export and select the “export” user from the Author drop down.
5. Click “download export file” and save the file to your local hard disk.
This file now contains all you need to move that category to another WP blog, so you’re almost done.
6. Go to your wordpress.com blog and log in to the dashboard
7. Select Tools/Import and chose WordPress from the list
8. Click “Chose file” and file the file on your hard disk
9. Click “Upload file and import” and you are done.
You may see a message telling you WP is processing, and will send you a message when it is all done.
This may be a false statement, and you can go back to view your new site. Chances are your posts are already there. That’s what happened to me.

Some problems.
For some reason all categories from the old blog are inserted, albeit empty, into the new blog, so you might want to edit categories and delete the once you don’t use.

How about the images?
Well, if you look at your new blog, the images are there and you jump for joy, but a little bit premature.
If you look at the image links, you’ll find they are linked in from your old blog. If you can afford that, you don’t have to do anything more. Probably you want to remove the moved post from your original blog, or maybe shut it down altogether. In that case you have to move images and other media manually.

Akismet hurray Wednesday 2008-11-26

Akismet has now discovered and saved me from more than 50000 spam messages.
Oh, am I happy not to have been forced to deal with them by hand.
Thank you cybergod!

Oops Tuesday 2008-04-01

What happened to this blog of mine?

If you are my reader, I can assure you that this uncluttered and rudimentary look is only temporary and for experimental reasons.

Yours truly!

Post Scriptum:
Should you have returned after the reset to standard template, please just disregard this message.
[Edit] Well, it’s back :-)

WordPress 2.5 Released Monday 2008-03-31

A safe and heavy 2.5 version of WordPress is released and installed here at petitpub.com.
As usual upgrading along the lines of the three step upgrade process went without problems.
Hopefully I will be able to redesign the Dashboard or at least the Write Post page. In earlier versions I had all widgets for setting tags, allowing pings, selecting category and creating a slug to the right of the input field. Now they are by default below the scribble area, and I have to scroll down to do that.

We’ll see!

WordPress Shot in the Foot Saturday 2007-03-03

This is to alert you to immediately update your WP 2.1.1 installation, if you downloaded and installed that version lately.

As I wrote, not long ago “WordPress is Secure Blogging“. However destructors traveling cyberspace are getting cleverer each day. If you cannot penetrate the installed blogging platform, why not attack and change the distribution?

According to word from the WordPress blog

Long story short: If you downloaded WordPress 2.1.1 within the past 3-4 days, your files may include a security exploit that was added by a cracker, and you should upgrade all of your files to 2.1.2 immediately.

Longer explanation: This morning we received a note to our security mailing address about unusual and highly exploitable code in WordPress. The issue was investigated, and it appeared that the 2.1.1 download had been modified from its original code. We took the website down immediately to investigate what happened.

So, earlier versions of WordPress are not affected, and bloggers at wordpress.com are safe too. Only if you installed WP 2.1.1 lately, go ahead and install the update now!

WordPress is Secure Blogging Thursday 2007-02-22

There is high security awareness in the team developing WordPress. Today, the 30 days new 2.1 version is getting a maintenance upgrade to 2.1.1, mainly containing smaller bug fixes, but also some security measures. For the earlier 2.0 version, which had its latest maintenance as 2.0.7 at the same time, there’s now a 2.0.9 security upgrade.

It’s really nice to be in good hands,and whether you took the bold step from WP 2.0 to the famed 2.1 or stayed with the 2.0, you should take the new face lift.
Just make sure you select the correct upgrade.

Spammers Go Away Wednesday 2007-01-24

Yeah, they really should disappear. I have Akismet installed for the benefit of my blog and my occasional readers. During the fairly long time I had it installed not a single spam comment has slipped through. Hurray for that!

It is still annoying, to have to log in to the admin page and delete spam messages on a daily basis.

Yes of course I’m spoiled. Just came to think about it. What if the wizards behind Akismet hadn’t done such an ingenious work, my gosh! I would have waded in spam comments spread out all over my blog, even contaminating old posts, that I had already given a good cleaning. Now I find them gathered in Aiksmet’s own container, and can select to browse them or kill them on sight.

Until this day Akismet has caught 8999 spammy messages, after todays record amount of 218.
I’m really happy about this neat and effective catch and destroy tool.

Most common fake comment lately is

Actually i am not an active serfer, but this this site is really great, i will spread it through my friends.

No, whoever you are, you are not a “serfer” at all. You are a dumb program sending dumb messages from fake adresses to make my blog unreadable. You’ll not succeed, but as the unnecessary piece of code you are, you don’t care. So what am I doing here, talking to evil code somewhere. Here endest that silliness 😉

[Edit 01-27] Oh, I love inventions, don’t you? Today I got a really nice spamment, which wasn’t caught by Akismet, because a machine would find it reasonable.
It goes like this:

I always have terrible trouble with comment-related plugins that require me to put some line in the comment loop; I can never seem to find the right spot. Can anyone tell me where I should put the php line in my comments loop? I haven not modified anything much, and I would be very grateful. Thanks!

I certainly could have been tricked into letting it through from my second defense line, the moderation queue. If it hadn’t been for the stupidity to send the same comment to three different posts. Then again I’m not that good at PHP anyway.

Your Words Travel the World Thursday 2007-01-11

By automatic syndication and by your loyal subscribing readers, the words you write, will travel far and wide. And fast! They may meet and influence people of different age and sex and from different cultures. Manuel Amador of weblog tools collection has written an interesting essay, “The wonderful journey of a blog post“, on this very subject.

It is humbling, and it makes you think ( again ), on your own blogging efforts. Is what I write about interesting enough? Would anything of it offend someone? In short, do I care about my readers enough?

Well, I promise to try. For now, I’ll say no more. Read the article and get amazed!

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