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Tags Saturday 2006-08-12

Here are the tagging results produced by Lorelles Technorati tags bookmarklet, modified by Bavra Mann.

TechnoratiTechnorati: , ,

Get it, install it and tag along!

Image Upload in WordPress 2.02 Monday 2006-03-13

TestimageThere are some complaints about image upload in the latest and greatest WordPress. In the Support forum one claims that big images doesn’t produce thumbnails, another that the path of the uploaded image is not correct, as if the blog has to be in the documetnt root.

Lets try it out! I’m uploading an image to my predefiened upload directory.


It worked as expected. Selecting the link and use thumbnail options works well. If you don’t use the options, it is possible to drag the thumbnail image into place in the editor.  If  you use the options, however, it is no longer possible to drag the thumbnail and you have to use “Send to editor”. It’s a bit strange, but this is how it works for now.

Test of the TinyMCE vs. (X)HTML Editor

Will the (X)HTML Editor pick up what’s written in the Rich Editor ?
It’s a test and I’m launcing the (X)HTML Editor here.

And yes, this time the XHTML Editor is populated with the contents from the Visually rich editor or TinyMCE. The first sentence written in the rich Editor is encapsulated in paragraph. Now I’m updating.

Serverside Includes in a Post Saturday 2006-03-04

How strange as it may sound, someone wants a SSI inside a post.
Let’s see how it works 😉
Here it should be:

Its the common header from my web site.
It’s certainly on the same server.

[Edit] Well, it really didn’t work, and it shouldn’t!
The server will by default parse an .shtml document, looking up the SSI commands and insert content. before returning the document to the browser. The PHP pages constructs the web documents on the fly, and the server doesn’t see any .shtml file types.
Searching the web for a while, I found that most people was content with the PHP include, as a good enough replacement for SSI.
Moving the includes to the script is a good thing for most cases, but this means you have to make the decision at coding time. If you want to insert results from a CGI script in run time ( while posting ), you have make a PHP call from within your post, that is executed when someone loads the page containing the post. Kafkaesqui had an answer to that problem in the WP Support forum thread.

WordPress New Upload Monday 2006-02-20

Under WordPress 2.0 there was a problem with uploading images from the Write Post page. The upload script would create a new folder for every month and put the uploaded image there. As the script runs under the web server’s user or possibly the user of the script engine, the directories are owned by that user. The account owner has no permissions on these directories or images, and cannot even open the directories, to change or delete the images.
In WP 2.01 this seems to be more relaxed and you have a choice of upload directory. The uploaded files will still be owned by the user under which the script makes system calls, but you will be able to open the directory owned by you and move images you no longer need to another directory and maybe even delete them.

BerraThis is a test to see what happens when uploading an image to a directory owned by me, the rightful owner of the account.
I will try to insert the uploaded image in this post, and then delete the thumbnail created by WordPress.

[Edit] dance.jpg
Not only is it possible to delete images from within the upload interface, but via FTP or Telnet you can move or delete images, provided you own the upload directory. Good solution indeed.

Silver First on Flickr Tuesday 2006-02-07

.flickr-photo { }
.flickr-frame { float: left; text-align: center; margin-right: 15px; margin-bottom: 15px; }
.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; }

Silver 2

Silver 2,

originally uploaded by Clas le Petit.

Finally I got the time and mindset to really upload some photos to my Flickr account. I’m visiting my daughter in Rinkeby, Stockholm for a couple of days to celebrate the 36 year anniversary of my sons birth.
This morning Silver, the most intelligent and of course rebellious cat in the family, came to my room and posed in the window right beside me. I had my Canon easily available and took a few shots.
Now in the evening, when reading about different web 2.0 technology, I stumbled into my Flickr account and decided to make something more exciting than a void out of it. I realized that once you register you own blog with Flickr, you are able to post any public picture from Flickr to your blog.

So here we go – enjoy!

Hello Olof! Monday 2006-02-06

Här testar vi en post.
This is a test

Pinging myself Saturday 2006-01-14

I write this post referring to another of my posts, just to see if I get a pingback to myself.
It’s a nice story of my trettondagsafton in Swedish.

I am giving this post a slug as the title is a bit lengthy

I am giving this post a slug to what effect it might have.
The slug is slugged_post

Ping yourself! and category post count Friday 2006-01-13

About internal linking and selfping

category post count

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