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Time stamp?? Wednesday 2005-12-28

For this post I have deselected “Allow Comments” and selected “Edit Timestamp”.

What’s up?

Do smileys work in WP 2.0

Some people get strange behavior for smileys like :-)
in their posts

WordPress 2.0 Tuesday 2005-12-27

Yesterday the long awaited WP 2.0 was released and I’m trying to backup my database. It complains that the backup directory isn’t writable, and I don’t seem to be able to do anything about it. I’ve tried to make directories under wp-content writable but to no avail. Possibly I’ve succeeded to mess things up.

[Edit] I did it! I followed the very precise instructions for upgrading, althoug I already had the RC2 installed. I made a backup of my database with the backup plugin and a backup of all directories in my WP installation, disabled all plugins and deleted all files and directories except the wp-content directory and the wp-config.php config file. I then copied the wp 2.o distribution to my server blog directory. Finally I run the wp-admin/upgrade.php script from my browser. I checked my permalink structure and as I’m not using any .htacess file, it worked as before.

So now I’m off to check my plugins.

Live preview for comments Thursday 2005-12-08

I’ve just installed and activated a live preview for commenters comments by Jeff Minard and Iacovos Constantinou. Now, let’s see if it works.

What about images

Now, as I have installed the 2.0 RC-1, I’ll have to test this new feature for inserting images into the posts. In the Post Writing GUI it should be possible to insert an image easily.

Let’s see!

Well I’ll have to upload an images first. The upload didn’t work at first, the complaints being: Unable to create directory /home/petitpub/public_html/petitpub.com/blog/wp-content/uploads.

As I suspect that a new directory created by “the server” will have the owner of “nobody” I’ll start by creating it myself from my FTP client and test again. ( I woudn’t be able to delete nobody’s dir )

Well now it’s complaining that i cannot create uploads/2005 – retour. and then again /12 for December. Pah!
Beautiful Dance

Well after hand crafting the directory structure I finally got the image uploaded, but “the uploaded file could not be moved to $file (!!)
And – I cannot find it anywhere. Hmmm… After consulting Datakultur ( my ISP ) for the correct setting of access flags for the web server to write to the directory, the image was uploaded and I was able to drag it to the post.

( See also comments )

WordPress 2.0 RC-1 installed Wednesday 2005-12-07

It all worked like a breeze, including my themes and user and my permalinks.

  1. Unpacked the disribution locally.
  2. Copied the database connection strings from wp-config.php to wp-config-example.php and saved it as the new wp-config.php.
  3. Deleting everything from my blog except the themes and plugins I’ve added.
  4. Uploaded the new WordPress bunch to the server
  5. Reached for the /wp-admin/upgrade.php from my browser
  6. After getting an introductory error message I clicked the link Upgrade WordPress>>

That was it!

Time test Tuesday 2005-12-06

Test just to make sure my blog time is synchronized

Changed time Monday 2005-12-05

OK, so somethimg was wrong. It said to show GMT +2 and i changed that to read GMT + 1
Old posts dont change, hopefully this will be right

Try again Saturday 2005-12-03

Okey. So I’ll try again to post by email.
The wp-cron-mail succeds without hazzle, while wp-mail has given me some
error messes.
Here we go again.

Changed destination directory

Earlier I changed the WP directory from wordpress to blog.
Posting by email has lately resulted in error messages from MySQL
stating some SQL error.
I’ve now changed the upload directory in WP accordingly.

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