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Google Friends Buzz Saturday 2009-03-14

What buzzes on the web today, or should I say since a couple of days ago, is the brand new Google Friend Connect API.
In hard competition with Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking sites, Google has decided to make it easy for people to connect to friends over the web.
Google released the API in the expectation that developers will come up with fun and intelligent ways of connection people.
As sited from their presentation page, two primary goals are to

Make it easy for every site owner to add Friend Connect to their site, regardless of their technical capabilities. We do this by letting site owners simply paste snippets of code into their websites’ HTML to instantly provide social capabilities on their sites.

Be open by letting visitors control their own data and freely share it with sites and services as they see fit. Services that are currently integrated with Friend Connect include OpenID providers like Yahoo!, social network providers like Twitter, and update aggregators like Plaxo Pulse.

The API uses the OpenSocial standard and already clever programmers has made plugins for WordPress, Drupal, and phpBB.

Sandy 3D Engine Released Thursday 2009-03-05

Hi there! If you are an artist in Flash 3D, and if you dare programming a bit of Actionscript, this piece of news is for you. The versatile Sandy 3D Engine, Version 3.1 is now released. Since the emission of the last stable version of this 3D library, the 3.0.2 version, lots of work has been done to get the engine faster and simpler to use. Some good new features are added as well. The API hasn’t changed much, apart from the addition of new classes, so it should be easy to port your existing applications to use the new version. Sandy 3D Engine comes with full API documentation and lots of tutorials and examples.
You will find lots of demos and useful information on the Sandy site.

It also has a vivid and friendly forum, where you can ask all kinds of questions, related to the Sandy. Very often you’ll get the answer within a day, and you can discuss your application development and contribute your own experiences and solutions.

Go download this amazing library and start playing with 3D in Flash!

Mosnaps Goodbye Thursday 2009-02-26

We put a lot of work into that mobile image site, but it really didn’t catch on. Harish tried a variant with paying visitors and simplified the maintenance by restricting the mobile phones to BlackBerry only. After some time the project silently died. The site may still be there though.
Lots of work and a bright idea, but poor marketing, I guess.
Well S.H. and you always learn something :)

Syntax Highlighter Plugin

This is an experimental post, to test if the syntax highlighter plugin wp-synhighlight really works.
In my first attempt I just dropped the plugin into the plugins directory and here I’m going to add some Actionscript code:
[codesyntax lang=”actionscript3″]public Class Nuts()
var none:NoOne;
// Initiate this class
public function Nuts()
none = new noOne();

Playing with a kickfly Gallery Wednesday 2009-01-14

The kickfly application is a nice 3D platform for building galleries and rooms for image presentations. It can be published immediately on social sites like FaceBook and MySpace, to share your own images from Flickr, or others by Google image search or other sources. It is built on the very flexible Sandy 3D Engine, and can be used by beginners as well as seasoned programmers. I have just scratched the surface, so I might have more to say later on.
I went to the kickfly site and selected one of many ready made templates, added a title and searched for “madonna”. After a while I got my 3D gallery with Madonna images. Simple as that!
I then went on to publish my gallery on FaceBook, and it immediately showed up.
Amazing stuff!
From the options panel you can copy a link to the gallery, which is served from the kickfly site, or you can copy a complete embed tag for your own site.
Here is mine – note it’s still beta and may be heavy on your browser.

Akismet hurray Wednesday 2008-11-26

Akismet has now discovered and saved me from more than 50000 spam messages.
Oh, am I happy not to have been forced to deal with them by hand.
Thank you cybergod!

Slowing Down Sunday 2008-07-27

Well. For some reason, the Mosnaps didn’t catch enough attention. After a few weeks we had some 400 users, and quite a few were only “experimental”, i.e. the didn’t really use the upload and share capabilities of the site. Now the concept is under scrutiny and harsh reconsideration.

I’ll be back with more news at a planned relaunch in the future. The idea is a healthy one but competition is hard, not least from the old established image storing sites, like Flickr and Youtube.
For the moment I’m working on an adaption of a semi commercial Gallery viewer, that can present all a users albums in all their glory. It even uses full screen mode.

Let’s see what happens.

Mosnaps is Picking up Speed Thursday 2008-05-15

So finally Mosnaps is launched albeit in beta. This is not to deter you, as all web 2.0 sites are in beta, seemingly for ever. What you can do at this nice community site is really fun. From your mobile smartphone, you can upload images from its directories or directly from the camera. The images are immediately accessible by your friends and family, or for anyone if you make them public.

They are automatically presented at you Mosnaps public page – mine is http://mosnaps.com/petit.
You can also copy and paste code form your account to include one of the Flash based Mosnaps viewers on you own site or on Myspace or FaceBook.

You can have a look at the FaceBook viewer right here. So go to the Mosnaps site and sign up. If you have a supported phone, you download a small Java application directly to you phone and start mosnapping.

If your phone is not yet supported, you can upload images through a web interface. On your account you can also reorganize your images, edit your descriptions and get comments from other members of the community.

Using a nifty drag and drop applications, you can create slide shows by dragging and dropping images from your different albums. The slideshow is saved and can be shown at any time at any site using a Flash based slide show viewer.

Join and make your friends know what you are doing right now.

Mosnaps Presented at AT&T Fast Pitch Thursday 2008-04-03

Looking goodHarish and Amit presented the Mosnaps applications and community at AT&T Fast Pitch session at the CTIA Wireless conference in Las Vegas. The Fast Pitch is a way for AT&T not to miss any new good inventions in the mobile arena. Above all, it is a way for small innovative companies to get their applications shown to the world, using the muscles of a giant. “Standing on the shoulders of giants”, is an expression that comes to mind. Some hundred companies get five minutes to present their technical idea and business model before a panel of AT&T experts, and some few get rewarded with some money and a promotion vehicle. The the great job to get it working starts.

Hopefully the presentation went well and hopefully the jury was impressed. All that could be said from the mobile snapshots uploaded to Mosnaps so far, is that the guys ar good looking.

Oops Tuesday 2008-04-01

What happened to this blog of mine?

If you are my reader, I can assure you that this uncluttered and rudimentary look is only temporary and for experimental reasons.

Yours truly!

Post Scriptum:
Should you have returned after the reset to standard template, please just disregard this message.
[Edit] Well, it’s back :-)

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