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Here I will from time to time present my tutorials and demos.

Flash 3D

In the tutorial series “Using Sandy 3D Flash Library” I’ll walk you through Sandy, an object oriented open source Actionscript library for creating and animating true 3D worlds. We’ll build a Sandy world, move the camera around and study the basic transformations, that is possible with this exciting library and API. If you have an interest in 3D worlds and gaming, this may be something for you.

Flickr and Flash

In “Building a Flickr Flash Display, Part 1” you can learn how to use a free ActionScript wrapper of the Flickr Service API to build your own Flickr Badge replica. More parts will follow, so stay tuned!

In another short tutorial called “Using the Tween Class“, you may join in to learn the lazy way of manipulating images using the ActionScript Tween class and the easing functions. You don’t need a lot of frames or layers, just a fla file with an attached ActionScript in the first and only frame. You can tween transparency, size or position or any other property of an object over a period of time, and you can choose whether the change is regular and smooth, accelerating or even bouncing. Lets roll!

In “Building a Flickr Flash Display, Part 2“, the second tutorial in this series, I’ll explain how to add some flicker to the otherwise static display. Using onRollOver and onRollOut handlers, the user can flip the images to a zoomed in state in a blink of the eye.
Join me to learn how!

In “Building a Flickr Flash Display, Part 3“, we set out to make the display dynamic in a smooth and nice way, using the ActionScript Tween class, and its accompanying easing classes

Mobile Java

Skinning the MicroEmulator“. When you develop J2ME programs, Midlets, for mobile devices, you normally want to emulate the behavior of your Midlets on your workstation.
The MicroEmulator is a Java based emulator, and comes in four flavours: an Applet version for demonstrating your Midlets on the web and standalone variants using AWT, JFC/Swing or SWT.
In this two part tutorial I describe how can adapt the emulator for a certain device.


The beauty of the Feed Icon presented in this post.
The demonstration of some Flickr widgets
After presenting a would become Flash Image 3D Cube, I got a comment from Sean Hickey at 480x.com, pointing to a WordPress plugin Flickr Spinnr featuring a 3D cube, driven by Javascript. Test page is here.