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How to get the most out of Mosnaps

This is obviously a tutorial under development - not any more. At the time I'm writing this, we are looking forward to a first beta release of the Mosnaps site, so I thought I'd start with some explanations of how to include a Flash based viewer in the sidebar of your blog or web site.

The goals are changed and I have exited the project :)

If you have an ordinary web site, you'll add code to embed the Flash viewer the same way you usually do, when you add html. If you don't know HTML, the markup language for the web, this can be tricky. this is especially true if your service provider doesn't allow you to work directly with the html tags.

If you normally handle your html markup, or use authoring tools like FrontPage or DreamWeaver, it is simply a matter of getting the embed code for the Mosnaps viewer and paste it into your page. The embed code is simply fetched from the Mosnaps site, whit a single click and copy.

Let's start with blogs

Including a mosnaps viewer in your blog.

Depending on what kind of blog you have, the steps you take to include a Flash viewer is different. Normally it is done in a few simple steps.

The first is to log in to your account at the mosnaps web site and go to the share page and fetch the embed code. Then you log in as administrator on your own blog and add the code in a useful way.

Adding mosnaps to a Blogger blog
Adding mosnaps to a WordPress blog ( stand alone )
Adding mosnaps to a WordPress.org blog ( hosted )