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How to include the Mosnaps viewer in your WordPress blog.

In any blog, whether it is a Blogger blog, a WordPress blog or other, you'd want to include the Mosnaps viewer as a static part of your blog.

One way of doing this, is to add the viewer to a post and then make that post stick to front page. Another is to create a separate page for the Mosnaps and include it there.

Here I will describe how to include the viewer in the sidebar of a Blogger blog.

On the Mosnaps site

First lets log in to http://www.mosnaps.com to get the embed code for the viewer.

On the share page, click on the embed code for the viewer you want to embed on your blog, and copy the code to the clip board ( Control + C / Command + C ).

On your WordPress blog

Lets go to the WordPress blog and log in to the dashboard. It will look a bit different depending on what version you have. I recommend that if you don't have the latest version, you make the upgrade. That way you can use widgets so you don't have to bother with the PHP code of your sidebar. What I am describing here is the widget method of inserting the Mosnaps viewer.

For simplicity, I also use the default theme, but you can use any widget enabled theme.

1. Log in, and ...

2. on the dashboard, go to Design/Widgets

To the left you have a list of available widgets, and to the right you see what widget you already have in your sidebar.

Add a Text widget for the embed code

We are now going to add one widget in which we can paste the include code for the Mosnaps viewer. Make sure the sidebar is selected from the drop down list.

3. In the list to the left we find a widget called Text, and we add it to the sidebar by clicking Add.

The Text widget is added to the current sidebar widgets.

4. Now we just click Edit and paste the embed code.
   We can also give the widget a title if we like.

5. Click "Save Changes" to save the new content.

Our new widget is now at the bottom of the sidebar, and we may want to give our Mosnaps a more prominent place. The neat thing with WordPress Widgets is, that we can reorder them using drag and drop, so let's move up right under the meta widget.

6. When that is done, don't forget to press the "Save Changes" button for the changes to the sidebar.

Here is the expected result.