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In "Building a Flickr Flash Display" you can learn how to use a free ActionScript wrapper of the Flickr Service API to build your own Flickr Badge replica.

In "Using the Tween Class", I'll show you a few examples of using the versatile Tween and easing classes in ActionScript.

In "A Flash 3D Cube", you can follow the development of the client side of FlickrSpinnr, a WordPress plugin by Headzoo and this lab. It's not yet a tutorial, but more of a log file for the work.

"Using Sandy 3D Flash Library", I'll walk you through an exiting 3D experience. You will learn how to create 3D worlds for Flash, using the Sandy 3D Actionscript library.

In "Using Sandy 3.0 Flash Library" you will learn how to create animated 3D worlds using ActionScript 3, the latest version used in Flash CS3 and Flex.

Without explanations, here are some video experiments.


In Skinning the MicroEmulator we walk through all steps required, to build our own skin for the MicroEmulator.

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